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July 25 2017

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i’m sorry but there is no way you could have stopped me from standing on my chair and screeching like a banshee if i saw this live…




“ballet isn’t a sport”

The thing about this is, you can barely see their muscles straining from effort. The effort to keep each other and themselves balanced, definitely, but that guy’s hand is barely shaking. The amount of training and strength and balance to go into this is fucking insane.

Ballet is raw AF

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The Tolga Bat Hospital: where adorable abandoned baby bats are wrapped in blankets and fed with bottles.

Normally we associate bats with being blood-thirsty, but all these cute critters want to drink is some bottled milk. About 300 bat pups are orphaned every year because their mother is ill and can’t feed them or has died from tick paralysis. These furry creatures are too injured to return to the wild and need to be nursed back to health. Pictured at the hospital, the black flying animals can be seen sucking on bottles, while they are swaddled in colourful blankets. The bats can also be seen bathing in the bathroom sink and even having their hair combed by workers at the hospital. 
The Tolga Bat Hospital in Atherton, Australia, is a community group working for the conservation of bats and their natural habitat. The volunteers care for bats who have come from hundreds of kilometres away in need for urgent care. And they also take in bats for sanctuary after they have been retired from zoos.

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Stayin' alive
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so long and thanks for all the fish
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Deadly threat
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July 23 2017

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